19 April 2011

Mainland visitor’s big spenders

Mainland Chinese have been found to have ‘deep pockets’ when visiting the territory even in the non-gaming sector, official statistics reported.
According to results from around 176,300 questionnaires collected from departing visitors, the Statistics and Census Service announced yesterday that visitors total spending reached MOP 37.9 billion (excluding gaming expenses) for the entire 2010 year, and per-capita spending of visitors amounted to MOP 1,518.
Visitors from mainland China reported the highest per-capita spending of MOP 2,039, followed by those from Japan and Southeast Asia respectively of MOP 1,394 and MOP 1,319.
Overnight visitors were found to have spent notably more than same day visitors. According to the statistics, per-capital spending of overnight tourists was MOP 2,529, while that of day trippers reached MOP 593.
Nevertheless, mainland tourists again took the lead reportedly spending MOP 3,367 per-capita during a one night stay and day visitors, MOP 828.
Meanwhile, of the MOP 1,518 per-capita spending of visitors, MOP 773 was spent on mainly local food and product purchases (24 percent), jewellery and watches (21 percent) and clothing (19 percent).
Per-capita non-shopping spending of visitors totalled MOP 745, with accommodation and food and beverage expenditure topping the list at 45 percent and 37 percent respectively.
The average length of stay was 0.9 days in 2010, with overnight visitors staying an average of 1.7 days.
Visitors from Europe stayed in Macau on average 2.2 days.
Total visitor arrivals reached 24,965,411 in 2010, up by 15 percent year-on-year, with tour group visitation increasing by 24 percent to 5,745,222.
At the conclusion of 2010, 60 hotels and 31 guesthouses operated in the territory, providing a total of 20,091 guest rooms, an increase of 4 percent year-on-year.
The average occupancy rate in the hotel sector stood at 79.8 percent, up by 8.4 percentage points from 2009.